Björn Högberg will join the Knowledge Factory team in Stockholm within Advania. Björn will be “Captain” to one of the consultant teams. Former Employer – Caperio.


I’m really excited to join the team as a Captain which include coaching, sales, management, KAM and administration, says Björn Högberg about his new position.

To grow self esteem and secure a premium quality Knowledge Factory has built it’s organization around Captains for many years. Having this structure in place we increase the realtion between our consultants and customers.

I’m so thrilled to onboard new skilled Players and Champions to our team at Advania. It is not all people who may enter the field and get the chance to work for us even though a lot of people want to, so Björn are already one of a kind, congratulations, says Tobias Öien at Advania.


Knowledge Factory is today a business unit within Advania AB.

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