We have the privilege of working with more than 300 global clients, you probably recognize a few of them.



Alecta has been managing occupational pensions since 1917. They manage approximately SEK 560 billion on behalf of their owners.


Connecta is a consulting firm that exists to transform the points on management agendas into reality.


The Debt Office plays a key role in the Swedish economy and in the financial market.


Dustin is one of the leading Nordic retailers of IT and consumer electronics. They offer around 200 000 products and related services.


Awarded with Business Bank of the Year, 2014 and Sweden’s Small Enterprise Bank 2014, Sweden’s companies give Handelsbanken top ratings.


One of Svenska kraftnät’s important tasks is to transmit electricity from the major power stations to regional electrical grids, via the national electrical grid.


Lend money to Swedish exporters and their overseas customers. They do this during both good and bad economic conditions. Each year they lend around Skr 55 billion.