Knowledge Factory – The Champion of IT infrastructure

Knowledge Factory – The Champion of IT Infrastructure since 1998.

Knowledge Factory (KF) has long committed to being the #1 Top Player within IT Infrastructure.  Today with assignments around the globe, KF is the Premier supplier of IT Infrastructure consulting and services. KF offers Infrastructure solutions based on the latest cutting edge technologies. Our company is dedicated to providing an experience that exceeds the expectations of our global customer base.To share in the experience or schedule an AD checkup please get in touch. Contact


Leveraging the experience and engage our deployment experts when you introduce a new IT workplace.


Today there are safe solutions that protect information both inside and outside of the company.

Active Directory

The central system in every Microsoft based IT environment is Active Directory. Contact our AD experts on how-to migrate, rebuild or clean up your Active Directory.


Self-service and automation is high on our clients’ agendas.


Communicate effectively with colleagues, customers and partners. We are the right partner to implement Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft Lync.